Humanist Funerals And Ceremonies

In getting to understand Humanism and Humanist funerals, a look at what they believe in is critical. Humanism refers to a set of non-religious attitudes and beliefs that aim at understanding and explaining the origin and working of the universe based on purely scientific methods. Therefore, there is no belief in the existence of a supernatural being. More to it, Humanism emphasizes the need to uphold high moral standards and decency, for the greater good and happiness of humanity in its entirety. Thirdly, the cardinal belief is that people should observe good values, not in anticipation of a reward or punishment after death, but to live a meaningful life and help others achieve happiness. There is no belief in the afterlife under Humanism. People who subscribe to these set of principles are called Humanists.

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Reason why you need to choose corian surfaces

Corian is a blend of pure acrylic polymers and natural material which was invented over thirty years ago by DuPont. Corian is ultimately the best material for bathrooms and kitchens surfaces. Corian is very beautiful, durable, versatile and practical while its surfaces are normally non-toxic, hypoallergenic, hygienic and aseptic. Below are some of the reasons why you need to choose corian for your kitchen surfaces;


Corian surfaces are offered in over one hundred and thirty different colors hence you are guaranteed to find the right shade and pattern for each and every room design you have. Because they come in different colors, they are therefore the best for your kitchen surface.


These corian surfaces come with a ten year limited warranty which covers most problems which could potentially arise. Considering that they are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, the period of this warranty is quite impressive.


The look of corian surfaces is comparable to none other in the market. The single decant design normally mean that they are truly a solid surface. Their look can imitate granite and other precious surfaces so well although it comes without unsightly seams.

Single pour design

They come in a seamless, single design thus meaning that everything from backslashes and inlays are catered in the single piece. This formatting usually enables some elaborate edges as well as unusual designs.


Cleaning corian surfaces is very simple because these surfaces are nonporous meaning that there is no stain which can sink in. all these surfaces also tends to be mildew, mold as well as bacterial resistant.

Easy to repair

These surfaces are made using plastic or acrylic as a solid surface and therefore very easy to repair when damaged depending on the nature of the damage. You can buffer out minor scratches using a special cleaning fill easily.

Although corian surfaces have some number of perks, they also have some pitfalls which are normally common to majority of other surfaces materials. If you take good care of your surface, you will get the most out of its appearance as well as its functionality. You need to watch out for the following;


Although Corian worktops are scratch resistant, it does not mean they are foolproof and therefore you should not use it as a cutting surface.

Burning and scorching

Corian is normally a solid plastic material. Although it is a very good scorch and burn resistant, it is recommended that you keep hot things out of contact with its surface.

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